Fudge-a-maniaChapters and date for assignment completion.

Read Chapters 1,2, and 3. That's only 19 pages or broken down to about 1 page a night! This is to be done by: June 23rd.

Read Chapters 4 and 5 only 19 pages again so keep at it! Please complete and resond by June 30.

Read Chapters 6 and 7...27 pages but think of it as only one page a night. Have this conquered by July 14th! Happy Fourth of July by the way!! Halfway through the book hang in there!

Read Chapters 9 and 10. 26 pages or 3 pages a night. Respond by July 21st.

Read Chapters 11 and 12 a mere 13 pages or a page a night...How easy! The deadline is July 28th.

Read Chapters 13 and 14 or to the end of the book! Complete this by August 12th. I would love to see if you thought this Fudge book was as good as, better than, or worse than the other Fudge books we've read this year.

When done with the readings chose one of the following:
Remember that I want your opinion so be honest.
  • While you are reading think of the comprehension strategies you have learned. Write to me about one of the strategies you used and how it helped you understand the text.
  • Not sure what I'm talking about with the strategies click on the tab that says comprehension and you will find a poster explaining them.
  • Send me a message about something you find confusing and how you are working through the confusion.
  • Write about your reactions to the book so far..predict what might happen next. (those responding don't ruin it for anyone by saying what happens.)